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Solutions Not Sweeps in the Press:
Our Launch Press Release (January 15, 2020)
Police Commission urges SF to address homelessness with health workers instead of cops, SF Examiner (January 15, 2020)
Police Commission votes against using cops to address homelessness, 48 Hills (January 16, 2020)
‘We’re forced to turn to the police:’ SF advocates, police commissioners want fewer officers responding to homeless, SF Chronicle (January 16, 2020)
Advocates: Police Commission Decision To Find Alternatives For Homeless Response Is Step In Right Direction, SF Gate (January 16, 2020)
Homeless Advocates Hail Police Commission Decision To Scale Back Sweeps, CBS Bay Area (January 16, 2020)
‘Tough love’ continues to be an excuse for criminalizing homelessness, SF Examiner (January 19, 2020)
Solutions Not Sweeps, Street Sheet (February 3, 2020)
What Public Works employees say about taking homeless people’s stuff, SF Examiner (February 8, 2020)

Press Contacts:
Kelley Cutler, Coalition on Homelessness. (415) 756-0692
Meghan ‘Roadkill’ Johnson, Stolen Belonging Project. (415) 619-0637